Fire Power Money: California’s wildfire crisis and PG&E

With California’s wildfires growing deadlier and bigger than ever, the state’s largest power company admitted to the largest corporate homicide in American history.

PG&E killed 84 people by when its power lines started the 2018 Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise. An investigation by ABC10 will take you behind the scenes of the criminal prosecution and look into how PG&E and the California state government are avoiding accountability.

Episode One: It Was A Crime

As California wildfires break records due to a combination of overgrown forests and climate change, the state faces another crisis: our biggest power company is a criminal enterprise with a tendency to spark wildfires. PG&E is now guilty of America’s largest corporate manslaughter. Experts say PG&E hasn’t cleaned up its act and worry it will kill again.

Episode Two: Criminal ThinkingPG&E owns and operates the biggest machine in California: our electric grid. To prevent the machine from sparking wildfires, PG&E implemented planned blackouts during windstorms. But are these blackouts really working? PG&E is already the subject of a new homicide investigation.

Episode Three: Killer CorporationPG&E pleaded guilty as charged to the manslaughter of 84 people, but it tried to avoid being charged at all. We take you inside the criminal investigation and reveal never-before-shared details about the struggle to bring PG&E to justice. The prosecution team shares that one state agency got in their way.

Episode Four: The WhistleblowerPG&E’s state government regulator decided not to punish the company with a fine for safety violations that led to deadly wildfires. The agency’s former director explains that what the state government promoted as the “largest penalty ever” was actually no penalty at all.

To find out more about the investigation by Brandon Rittiman you can visit the Fire Power Money Youtube page.

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